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Pedras (Portugal) 750ml - Sparkling

Pedras (Portugal) 750ml - Sparkling
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Portugal's spa water not just for royals

Pedras Salgadas literally means “salty stones” in Portuguese and it is a water with a relatively high mineral content. It can actually be considered an isotonic, as it replenishes exactly those minerals that are lost trough perspiration.The light, natural carbon dioxide level (only 2.5 g/l) is comparable with that of the Badoit mineral water from France.The source surfaces from granite rocks in the heart of the Tras-os-Montes region in northern Portugal. The water is of deep volcanic origin and has for many years been renowned for its outstanding quality and therapeutic effect.

   Pedras Salgadas gained fame as a spa when even the Portuguese Royal family started spending their summers here in the previous century. Bottling operations - at a current rate of 150,000 litres per day - started at the beginning of this century.

Pedras Analysis:

Tds:                     3011

Ph:                       6.1

Calcium:              103

Chloride:              31

Magnesium:         28

Nitrate:                 0.3

Sodium:                ND

Sulphate:              ND

Potassium:            32

Hydrocarbonate:  2125

(milligrams per litre (mg/l) 

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