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Sourcy Red (Netherlands) 750ml - Sparkling

Sourcy Red (Netherlands) 750ml - Sparkling
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Netherlands'   "Purest mineral water from the country that loves bicycles and nature"  


 One of the best waters' from the Netherlands. From an unspoiled source (130 meters below surface)

in Bunnik a protected area for water conservation. It is clean tasting with a low sodium content and nitrate.

Sourcy also is dressed in a designer water bottle (by CARTILS). It presents with sophistication 

on any dinning table.

Sourcy Analysis:

Tds:                         170

Calcium:                  54

Chloride:                  15

Magnesium:             4.5

Sodium:                   11

Sulphate:                  2.6

Nitrate:                     0.5

Silica:                       20

Potassium:               0.9

Bicarbonate:            170

(milligrams per litre (mg/l) 


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