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Te WaiHou (New Zealand) 750ml - Sparkling

Te WaiHou (New Zealand) 750ml - Sparkling
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New Zealand's precious gift - "The Blue Spring with crystal clear water..."

Te Waihou Reserve is pure New Zealand spring water, nature’s gift to life on earth. Deep below New Zealand’s surface is a Blue Spring that is revered for its properties of exceptional clarity and exquisite blue hues. The entire area is protected and cared for, and the Blue Spring is recognized as one of the purest water sources in the world.

The colour and visual clarity is testament to the high optical purity of the water. And this is no surprise considering the aquifer from which the Blue Spring bubbles, is up to 250 meters deep. The aquifer that the Blue Spring originates from penetrates deep under the bush clad Mamaku Plateau.

The Plateau gathers rain that fell over 100 years ago which makes its way underground into layered aquifers within fractured rock and volcanic sand aquifers.

The water that flows from the Blue Spring just to the east of the township of Putaruru in the North Island of New Zealand, predates European settlement. Water gushes out of the spring into the Waihou River at a rate of 42 cubic meters per minute (9,240 gallons per minute) and is a constant 11 degrees Celsius all year round. Because of its contact with geological formations, unique mineral composition is imparted into the Blue Spring water and many of these compositions are reputed to have health giving properties.

Te Waihou Analysis:

  TTe Waihou Analysis:

Tds:                     129

Ph:                       6.8

Calcium:              2.62

Chloride:              5.7

Magnesium:         1.47

Sodium:                8.52

Potassium:           3.86

Silica:                   77.8

Hydrocarbonate:  2125

(milligrams per litre (mg/l)

Tds: 3011

Ph: 6.1

Hardness: ND

Calcium: 103

Chloride: 31

Magnesium: 28

Nitrate: 0.3

Sodium: ND

Sulphades: ND

Potasium: 32

Fluordine: ND

Hydrocarbonate: 2125

(milligrams per litre (mg/l) 


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