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Pineo (Spain) 1 litre - Sparkling

Pineo (Spain) 1 litre - Sparkling
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Spain's pride of ancient purity and wellness

This pure mineral water is low in sodium and iron free. The source is situated in the Spanish Pyrenees (100 km north of Barcelona). As early as the year 967 A.D., monks were already enjoying this spring water, which was later passed on in traditions. The source was recently rediscovered by thirsty hikers. Pineo is bottled in a unique designer bottle and is the ideal water to accompany Spanish tapas.  

Pineo Analysis:

Tds:                    128

Ph:                      6.8

Calcium:             74

Chloride:            1.4

Magnesium:       4.1

Nitrate:               1.6

Sodium:              1.5

Sulphate:            8.8

Potassium:          0.3

(milligrams per litre (mg/l)


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