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Sole (Italy) 750ml - Sparkling

Sole (Italy) 750ml - Sparkling
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Italy's pure choice when it come to taste 

The mineral water of Solé comes from the Lombardy region in Northern Italy. It has a low mineral and sodium content and a delicate, almost sweet taste.

In Roman times, the legionaries stocked up on water at the Sole source and during the Middle Ages the water was renowned for its health-giving properties. Sole is also the water of choice for popular British television chef Jamie Oliver for his top restaurant “Fifteen” in London. 

Sole Analysis:

Tds:                            412

Ph:                              6.1

Calcium:                    108

Chloride:                    2.9

Magnesium:               31.1

Nitrate:                       6.6

Sodium:                      2.6

Sulphate:                    19.3

Potassium:                  43

Fluoride:                      0.1

Silica                           6.0

Hydrocarbonate:        439.3

(milligrams per litre (mg/l)  

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