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About Us

FinesseBlue is Australia's first concept store for water. We stock a hand selected range of boutique mineral water, spring waters, sports waters and decorative concepts with bottles. We specialise in sourcing and supplying leading ‘source of origin’ waters. These may be classics like Voss and Evian, or emerging comtemporary brands such as Te WaiHou or Andes. 

Our philosophy is simple - "We strive to bring Australians the most unique & high quality mineral waters the world has to offer right to your door"

We are 100% Australian owned & operated. We support being an ethically & socially responsible distributor.

All these waters have one thing in common. They are bottled at source and labelled to show their origin much like Champagne. Otherwise, just like us, each is unique. Some emerge from their source highly mineralised and naturally carbonated, while others may be almost devoid of mineral content.

Our warehouse is located Burwood, NSW, Australia. You can also purchase online. We deliver anywhere, ranging from the home of water Connoisseur looking to complement their meals, to business seeking to extend their existing range of beverages for staff or clients.

ABN: 772 541 17296


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